Mission, Overview and History


There is an overwhelming need within all of us to experience new things. To immerse ourselves in new experience and find our self and soul a bit better because of it. We find that being outside, and immersed in the natural world is a way of doing that. In many ways, nature is a playground for man and not nearly a template for industry and further development. Many people find it hard to achieve this immersion in nature due to a lack of knowledge, direction, or supplies. We exist to fill this void. We exist to facilitate your immersion in the outdoors, and to make sure that you come back a happier person because of it.

Company Overview

We exist to provide you with the best service and products for active living. Our specialty is outdoor gear, but we also carry a range of sustainably minded apparel for the active lifestyle. From Rock Climbing to Commuting in the rain, we've got you Geared for Life.


Dynamic Earth Equipment Co. officially opened for business in 2002. As a locally owned, specialty outdoor retailer, the company quickly gained the attention of outdoor enthusiasts across the Midwest. Founder and owner, Matt O’Reilly had a simple but different approach to the way Midwestern outdoor stores did business. Typically, local purveyors of premium outdoor products principally relied on the sale of lifestyle clothing with gear as a secondary mean of income. The different approach implemented by the founder entailed focusing on the gear itself and utilizing a knowledgeable and experienced sales staff to create custom tailored systems for each customer’s individual needs. The sale of lifestyle is important but a secondary focus of Dynamic Earth none the less.

In 2005, Dynamic Earth made a commitment to furthering the sustainability of our environment. Always remember that it is the environment that provides our playground. We realize that no one person can act in manners completely consistent with green principles but imagine if every single person in the world made a minor adjustment in their lifestyles and the products they consumed. As such, Dynamic Earth moved into it's current location in the environmentally designed Green Circle Shopping Center and stocks many products which are environmentally friendly as well as engaged in the development of store fronts using construction techniques associated with LEED. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

In 2010, Dynamic Earth was honored by Backpacker Magazine as the Sustainable Retailer of the Year. Today we continue these efforts and look towards the future.

The future of Dynamic Earth is bright as we continue to expand while maintaining the ideals that the company was not only founded on, but also through the active pursuit of environmental sustainability.


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