Aaron Peterson

Aaron was born and raised here in Springfield, MO.  Passion for the outdoors has been a lifelong trait of his and growing up in the backwoods of Missouri has helped to shape him into the highly devoted climber that he now is.  Climbing—bouldering in particular—is his greatest passion and has been for the past four and a half years.  "Being one of the most dedicated athletes on the Dynamic Earth team" (his words....ha), Aaron lives and dies by his hangboard and training activities to push his bouldering abilities into the next level.  From rock climbing, to martial arts, and to cross training, Aaron likes to occupy his time in differing ways to help improve himself both mentally and physically—whatever it takes to give him the edge on his next climb.  Always psyched and always ready to pull on a rock, you’ll likely find him wrestling boulders in the hills of Arkansas or at the local bouldering gym pushing his abilities and wits to their limits in order to meet his next outdoor challenge.