Jason Colton

Jason is our in house warranty specialist as well as a veteran on the sales floor. He has a deep seeded spiritual attachment to nature and finds adventure where ever he travels.  Born and raised in Springfield, he grew up honing his craft in the backcountry.  He joined scouts at a young age and continued his passion for the outdoors.  He is a Wilderness First Responder ( NOLS ) and has paddled just about every navigable river in the Ozarks. Jason loves overnight trips with his trusted Blue Heeler, Yona.  She is our unsaid store mascot and chances are if you stop by the shop during the weekend you see her there.  The Two enjoy most outdoors adventures together. Paddling, hiking, climbing, you name it. Jason takes great care and pride guiding people towards the correct gear system for their next journey. He is very knowledgeable and isn’t shy to share his insight.


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