Sam Palmer

Sam Palmer has never been very good as sitting still and is Dynamic Earth's resident carny. Anything requiring physical activity with lots of variety has always been right up his alley. When not working at the store or studying to be a nurse, he is out some place where it is more than ok to have your shirt off and get a little sweaty. Crossfit and yoga are two major components in his life right now. Sam aspires to be an instructor in both fields as well as coaching diving. He has always been driven to push his personal limits and to get out of his comfort zone. “Adrenaline junkie” would be the most suitable label for Sam if we had to give him one; obsessing over skydiving, surfing and even lighting himself on fire while traveling with the circus are some of his other hobbies. But when the active moments of his life take a break he loves hanging with his cat Rex and jamming with a few buddies.  If he was asked to leave you with some inspiring words, Sam would most likely quote Heavyweights by saying “don’t put chocolate sauce on your twinkies”….he’s a pretty deep dude.


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