Valerie Rooney

Valerie Rooney’s cheerful, laughable, and dedicated personality makes her an important player on the Dynamic Earth team. Being one of the only girls on the sales floor, Valerie has honed her gear knowledge to compete with the guys. She loves to put products like tents, quick draws, boots, and packs to the test and use them during her trips so that she has a better understanding of how they work into their respective gear systems. Valerie loves to help equip the avid outdoorsman and woman for any trip; whether it’s camping and climbing at Sam’s Throne, hiking Mount Kilimanjaro, or snowshoeing in Colorado.

Her foremost expertise is climbing thanks to many years of cragging experience. Her greatest passions are bouldering, cross country running, and yoga. She is committed to getting stronger, better, and faster with every trip, run, and training session. Valerie actively peruses a healthy lifestyle and wants to be a model for outdoor women everywhere.


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