ArcTeryx Thorium AR Hoody

Vendor: ArcTeryx

Description: Throium AR Hoodie

Style/Size: Large

MSRP: $285

Reviewd By: Jared Miller


With a price of $285.00, the Thorium AR Hoody seems like a lot to spend on a jacket. Especially one I have never seen except in pictures. So, despite having nothing but faith in the quality of ArcTeryx products, I was a little nervous after ordering this jacket from my friends at Dynamic Earth.

When it promptly arrives in the mail, it is with great excitement I rip open the package to finally see and touch this new jacket. As soon as my hands touch the fabric I can tell all my fears were silly. Lightweight high loft down, outer fabric that is just durable enough while maintaining its light weight, typical ArcTeryx attention to detail.

I slip it on and “OH NO! The sleeves are too short! They hit right at my wrist!” I have flash forwards to climbing in this jacket and the sleeves exposing skin to the elements every time I lift my arms….then, I actually lift my arms…and the sleeves don’t ride up at all. PERFECT! I should have known not to doubt the almighty product designers at ArcTeryx.

After that, I go into “little girl in mommy’s closet” mode. I try this jacket on in every conceivable layering system I have….

-by itself, with just a t shirt… fits perfectly
- over my insulated softshell…fits perfectly
-over a heavy wool base layer, underneath a Goretex Softshell… fits perfectly
-on top of my Justin Beiber hoody, under my One Directi…. Uhmmmmm, you get the idea.

Basically, if you are familiar with ArcTeryx, this jacket is exactly as awesome as you were hoping for it to be. If you are unfamiliar with ArcTeryx, this jacket will get you on board with the rest of us. Head to Dynamic Earth, try one on, and have one of the gear specialist’s nerd out and give you all the specs. You won’t be disappointed.


Arizona…. Land of triple digit heat, spring baseball, and party schools….. at least that is what I thought until I moved here a few months ago.  While that description might describe the southern part of the state, up in the Flagstaff/ Sedona area I was surprised to be able to describe it as the land of scary adventure climbing, gnarly downhill mountain biking, craft beer, and INSANE TEMPERATURE SWINGS!!!!!!  While the climbing, biking, and beer are enough to make this a destination for any adventurer, the temperature swings are enough to make even the most seasoned outdoorsman scratch their head when it comes to planning their wardrobe.  

Enter the Arcteryx Thorium AR.  On  recent day while working on a first ascent of a wall in Sedona my partner and I started our 3 mile hike to the base of our project in 35 degree weather.  This jacket fit perfectly over my lightweight longsleeve wool baselayer, and I didn’t even notice the weight.  After hiking for about an hour with 80 lbs of cams, bolts, hammers, drills, food, water, etc, I started to sweat and just unzipped it, and it felt fantastic.  By the time we started to climb it was up to about 65 degrees, so off comes the jacket, stuff it into the stuff sack, clip it into my harness, and forget about it.  In fact I forgot about it to the point that at the beginning of the third pitch of our route, I was shivering due to a cold wind, and shade.  I literally forgot I had a jacket clipped to my harness.  It is that light!  It wasn’t until I reached to my harness to grab my water that I remember the jacket.  By this point, its my turn to follow the pitch so I put the jacket on and climbed away.  

The down kept me warm, the amazing cut of the jacket kept me unencumbered and the material, while light, was durable enough to withstand some good old fashioned Sedona Sandstone (more sand than stone!!!!)  While we were not (yet) successful in establishing a new route, I was successful in finding a kick a$$ jacket that will keep me comfortable for many adventures to come, whether those adventures find me climbing up the beautiful desert towers of Arizona, shredding the pow-pow in Telluride, or just drinking a beer around a campfire!


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