Osprey Volt and Viva

Vendor: Osprey

Description: Volt (mens) / Viva (womens)

Style/Size: 60L & 75L (mens) / 50L & 65L (womens)

MSRP: $170-$190

Reviewed By: Josh Middleton


There is no longer an excuse for someone not to have a quality overnight pack. Now you do not have to pay $250-$300 for comfort. The Volt/ Viva is the solution. It ranges in price from $170-$190. Both packs share all the same features with the exception that the Viva is a women's specific pack and comes in a 50L and 65L. The Volt comes in 60L and 75L. Both packs are fully adjustable at both the waist and torso, called "Fit on the Fly." This pack is different from our other backpacking packs because of this fully adjustable feature and the fact that the hydration bladder can be accessed from the back panel rather than going inside the pack, similar to the talon series. I would recommend this pack to the experienced backpacker who knows what they want and do not want to pay for all the fancy features. This pack is going to be a great pack for long distance backpackers who want to cut on weight wherever possible. And at the same time this pack can be a great pack for anyone who just wants a great pack at a reasonable price.

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