Nemo Cosmo Insulated

Vendor: Nemo

Description: Cosmo Insulated

Style/Size: 72 in x 25 in

MSRP: 169.95

Review byJosh Middleton


The Nemo Cosmo Insulated air pad is the ultimate in car camping comfort and user friendliness. I own the regular size (25”x78”), but it now comes in XL (30”x80”). The pad is rated w/o a sheet or memory foam cover at the 10 to 20 degree range. Add the accessory memory foam cover and you have a 0 degree pad! Lateral baffles, built-in pad pump, pillow bump, the size of the pad, and Primaloft insulation are what make the Cosmo a packable and lightweight bed for the crag or river.

I use mine on anything not related to backpacking. With the built in foot pump, this pad weighs in at roughly 2 lbs. which is a little on the heavy side for backpacking nowadays (for backpacking I would point you to the Nemo Astro).  Anytime I go to AR to climb or float, the Cosmo keeps me comfy and with a good night’s rest. I get to camp and unravel the pad, opening the pump valves to let the pad fill up with some air for 10-20 minutes before pumping (it works much quicker this way). If I am in a rush, I just blow it up by mouth, which only takes 1-2 minutes. After the pump fills with air for a little while, just step on the pump for 1-2 minutes and your HUGE sleeping pad is ready to sleep on. If the mattress was aired up too firm, there is a valve to let out little bits of air out at a time so you can find your sleeping pad Zen. I mentioned the width and length earlier, but the height is what makes this pad awesome: 3 inches! That means no more hipbones digging into the dirt. The lateral baffles also keep me in place. I roll around a lot in my sleep and long baffles have me waking up on my tent floor rather than my pad in the middle of the night; the lateral baffles section off each part of the pad, so if my shoulder is digging in, it won’t create a slide for the rest of my body to roll off of. Besides the great sleep, the packing up is a major plus on this pad. There is a release valve similar to an air mattress, that once pulled, let’s all the air out at once. Utilizing lightweight Primaloft insulation rather than traditional foam makes this pad extremely easy to roll up to about the size of a 32 oz. Nalgene bottle.

In addition, the pad comes with a stuff sack, Velcro cinch cords, and a patch kit. The regular size is MSRP $169.95 and the XL is $189.95.  Most of the Dynamic Earth staff uses and loves these pads, so for any more information just ask one of our knowledgeable sales associates.

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