Current River

The Current River originates in Southeastern Missouri and flows southeasterly out of the Ozarks into northeastern Arkansas.

It begins in Montauk State Park located in Dent County. The confluence of Pigeon Creek and Montauk Spring form the headwaters of the river. Montauk Spring feeds the river with the majority of the headwaters while additional springs along the way provide enough water to paddle most of the year.

Canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, and camping are very popular activities along the Current River. The river is fairly gentle and is considered to have mostly class 1 rapids and a couple rated class 2.

Points of interest on the river include Montauk State Park, Welch Spring, Aker's Ferry, Cave Spring, Devil's Well, Deer Leap, Rock House Cave, Pulltite Spring, Round Spring, Jacks Fork, Blue Spring, and Big Spring.

Photo Credit: Michael Gabler


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